Cute Closet Tour!

Be forewarned…the tour of Sarah Folzenlogen’s closet might make you a little jealous.  The founder and head designer at LoHi Bags, her closet is full of lust-worthy one of a kind handbags in rich leather and cozy tweed.  Since she uses a lot of repurposed materials, they all have that just worn enough softness that makes them even more perfect.  Sarah says, ” I love going to thrift stores to hunt for more fabric – I make each bag unique and different, which makes the creative process especially fun and rewarding!”
Sarah has a knack for looking effortlessly cool, taking a minimalist approach to fashion that lets her bags and other accessories really shine.  She loves skinny jeans with tunics and boots, and she has a collection of scarves and jackets that are both fun and functional, especially with the volatile weather in Denver!  If she had to pick a favorite jacket, she’d go with this motorcycle style for the vibe it adds to any outfit.
Speaking of favorite things, Sarah also loves these legwarmer style boots and adding pops of bright color like coral and turquoise to a neutral outfit.  This aesthetic is represented in her bags, too.  Most of her designs are rich neutrals like gray and brown with fun accents like a bright pink belt or a cute colorful lining.  When shopping for cute clothes to go with her amazing bags, Sarah scopes out Highlands shops like Starlet on 32nd because it’s youthful and eclectic and Perpetual Clothing on 32nd and Tejon because it’s modern resale and you can always find something stylish and hip (and it’s eco-friendly!).
Thanks, Sarah, letting us peek inside your closet!  We love your bags!

Where to Wear it: Mile High Spirits

Mile High Spirits…2920 Larimer…

Cruising down Larimer, there was something about the cavernous space with the doors open to the fabulous spring weather that sucked me right into Mile High Spirits.  Before I knew it, I found myself sucking down extra strong and delicious Whiskey Mules out of those classic copper mugs and buzzing with that feeling you can only get from good hooch on a warm night.  Did I mention their drinks are strong?  Yeah, every drink’s a double.  And delicious…with house distilled vodka, whiskey, gin, and rum mixed into icy cocktails that just urge you to get one more…and one more…

I am a born and bred beer girl, usually shying away from real booze, but I have to say I tried a taste of everything they make (just a tiny sip!), and I loved it all.  Most rums and gins make my nose wrinkle just with a sniff, but they make lovely and complex spirits I could sip all night.


The space is airy, cool, and modern…with deep sofas to sink into while you sip the night away and a bar that stretches for miles.  Fishbowls of a magical snack mix that is a little bit Asian rice crackers and a little bit Gardettos makes it that much easier to just keep drinking…and drinking..and drinking…it’s a perfect place to go when you’re tired of your usual swill at your favorite dive and want to  dress up a little and enjoy a well crafted drink.  You can dress down, too…the owners and bartenders are unpretentious and welcoming, ready with a stiff and icy drink made just the way you like it.



Cute Closet Tour!

We caught up with the adorable and busy owner and head designer of Sweet and Precious Jewelry, Stephanie DeSantis, and took a peek inside her cute and colorful closet!  In addition to creating fun and fruity jewels, Stephanie also sells vintage housewares online.  Her friends call her Steph-D, but we call her just too darn cute!

We asked her to tell us about her favorite outfit right now, and here’s what she said:

My favorite outfit right now! The dress is vintage, I found it at an estate sale run by the Denver Gypsy Boys. They always have huge sales with tons of vintage finds. This dress is a pale linen and it can be accessorized in SO many ways. The red belt was my grandmother’s from the 1950’s. The little sweater I found at a goodwill with the tags still on it! The purse is from a garage sale and was only 2.00! And the jewelry… my designs of course. 

Yeah, we heart this outfit, too, Miss Steph-D!


If that weren’t cute enough…check out the candy colored shoes and vintage dresses!  Steph-D loves these dresses so much, they have their very own closet all to themselves.  So cute!


Stephanie sells her colorful jewelry at Rakun ,and she loves shopping at Five Green Boxes. She says, “Everything is so unique and colorful and eclectic. I want everything in the store!” 

We asked Steph-D about her favorite trends for spring, and she waxed a little nostalgic,”I was a teenager in the 1980s… so I wore my share of neon clothing! They say if you wore it the first time around, you are too old to wear it the second time around. But I must admit I love to add one tiny neon accessory to an outfit. Neon yellow earrings, or a neon pink skinny belt. It just adds a touch of sass : )”
Hmmm…I’d say anyone this stylish can wear whatever she wants.  I’d bet Stephanie could even rock head to toe neon if she wanted to!

Boutique of the Week: Fast Geek Boutique

Name:  Fast Geek Boutique
Address:  321 West 11th Avenue, Denver CO 80204
Hours:  Tues-Thurs 11-5 and 11-7 Fri and Sat
price range:  affordable!


Fast Geek Boutique is a cute imaginative neighborhood boutique located in the Golden Triangle. The boutique is full of character and has a vintage feel to it. There is always someone painting, sewing or creating something exciting right there in the shop. They sell so many unique items, handmade clothing, accessories, amazing local art work, most are painted in house! They have local poetry, books, and music you can’t find many places, or that bands only sell at shows. I love all of the one of a kind clothing, but the best part is the owner, an on site seamstress who can custom fit her designs to your body shape! It is so exciting to find a local shop that can fit an individual’s shape, it is sometimes hard to find items you love that fit just right, but not anymore!
Also, if you’re ready to have an awesome time on 1st Fridays, Fast Geek Boutique always throws a great party. They feature a new local artist in the front of the shop every month. FGB always provides free adult beverages and exciting entertainment in one form or another! Like them on facebook to get sneak peeks at clothing, art, and learn about all their events, like fashion shows, art shows, rock shows, craft nights, clothing swaps and much more.

Boutique of the Week: Rakun!

Name: Rakun
Address: 1147 Santa Fe Drive
Hours: Tues – Sat noon to 7
price range: $5 to $75

The Fit: Rakun loves local designers and cute, cute clothes. More than 25 Denver designers keep Rakun stocked with colorful, girly, and affordable clothes and accessories. Walking into the shop is like stumbling into the Candyland of fashion…you’ll find lots of bright colors and sweet little dresses for infants through adults.

If you like making mischief, check out Rakun’s event calendar, where you’ll find activities ranging from craft nights to fashion shows. Since Rakun is perched on the edge of the Art District on Santa Fe, First Fridays are especially fun, with the shop staying open late to host their Art Walk After Party. Hmmm…maybe that’s where you should wear your cute new shoes?!?